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3 Types Of People At Work

3 group home employees who are looking for a group home coach
Which One Do You Identify With?

There Are 3 Types Of People At Work

We have 3 groups of people at work. Why 3? We have 3 Layers of operation in most organizational structures. Our flag has 3 colors, The Olympics has 3 medals of distinction, the greatest democracy in the World has 3 branches of government, government agencies have multiple layers of hierarchy, corporations/businesses have multiple layers of leadership structure, schools and nonprofits have at 2 levels of structure, traffic systems have 3 lights, there are 3 major food groups and 3 main body types, families have at least 2 levels of structure and on and on. I averaged it all to make 3 groups of people.


They just come to do basic work, clock in and clock out, not motivated to do anything outside job description, barely have any aspirations and goals to better themselves.
They just exist, binge watch Netflix, sports and celebrity gossip, and blame everyone else for their results. They incessantly talk about the past with no relevance to present circumstances and their future.
They will instantly take a different job that paid them same and challenged them less, no loyalty or commitment.
They personify instant gratification. Think of them as carbs in your organizational digestive process, they give you the energy to keep moving because of their extreme unreliability.
They watch what’s happening around them, like the fifth wheel you hardly notice their absence or presence. Always the first to ask for an annual raise, they will rather quit than learn new skills that add value.
They are your organizational RED LIGHTS- DANGER.
They are the entry level players who spend about 90% of time on hindsight and 10% on foresight and insight. The SLACKERS AND SLEEPERS.


They do everything the first group does.
Their focus is to impress the Boss and get recognition.
Motivated to get the annual raise so they can upgrade their phone, buy fancy clothes and holiday gifts. Very engaged in office gossip and politics, organize social events and happy hour get togethers.
Reluctantly commit to more responsibilities but envy the benefits of hard work. Very protective of the relationships and tribes built to shield from being fired for mediocre performance.
They complain about embracing new systems/methodologies or stretching themselves to grow. Hint: if you gave them the option for fixed compensation or incentive-based compensation, they choose the fixed structure without asking for specifics.
They always seem to have some external personal drama that prevents them from assuming more responsibility. Think of them as the vegetables in your diet to aid in the organizational digestive process.
They just watch and wonder what’s happening around and understand a little more than the sleepers.
They are your organizational YELLOW LIGHTS- CAUTION. They are mid-level players who spend about 70% time on hindsight and about 30% between foresight and insight. The PRETENDERS AND COMFORTERS.


They come to learn and grow- these are the movers and shakers, the heart and soul of the organization, they relentlessly focus on personal and professional growth, take extreme responsibility for their results. Obsessed with improving the organization, they see big picture and sacrifice for the future, never focus on rewards or the spotlight, however their value in the organization elevates them to leadership and success. Their success is a byproduct of their habits and mindset, and selfless team first approach.
They seek growth and discomfort to stretch and improve.
They are willing to do more work than they are currently compensated for, eventually they will get paid way more than they work and get anything they want.
They build cross functional competencies and skills to add value.
They personify gravitas and you always want to hear their opinions.
They are every organization’s asset and almost indispensable. Think of them as the premium protein source that sustains and rebuilds your organizational biome for optimal health.
They critically assess what happens around them and take decisive action positive change and desired outcomes.
They are your organizational GREEN- LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION-GO.
They are the high impact operational linchpin focused entirely on foresight and insight. Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” ARCHIMEDES.

Good News:

SIMILARITY – They all desire the good life – happiness, love, wealth, and health. Surprisingly, the first two groups may want the good life even more than the last group.

Better News:

DIFFERENCE- The only thing that separates the first 2 from the 3rd group is their PARADIGM

Best News:

With the right system, structure and guidance ANYONE can change their PARADIGM. It is SIMPLE but not EASY. We do not rise to the level of our goals and aspirations, we fall to the level of our systems.

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