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Compassionate Leadership Masterclass

“A leader is a person who has people following them not because they have to but because they want to.”

Compassionate Leadership Masterclass

Are you a frustrated group home owner? We know the feeling – when you want to fire an employee because they don’t get it. They don’t seem engaged and motivated, and you feel like paying them is a waste of money. You may often feel you may be better off doing the work yourself. The good news is that we have been in your shoes and we have the tools to empower you to overcome group home burnout. Compassionate communication is the solution to facilitate the changes that you want to see in your group home.

In the Compassionate Leadership Masterclass class: I reveal the scientifically proven research of applying compassionate engagement with employees to get even the lowest performers to increase their productivity.

What You Will Learn

What type of leader are you? Do you lead by connecting or by instructing your team? The difference in approach will either make or break your group home business. The difference in approach can potentially either elevate your team culture around shared purpose or cause you to feel stressed and burnt out, literally overwhelmed. In this masterclass you will:

Learn the Plus 30-Minutes rule and the 7 second rule–both practical lessons in applied compassion.
Learn an open secret, the most valuable trading currency–that you’re probably not using in all of humanity.
Learn to apply the simple communication framework that elevates morale- compassion and encouragement
Learn how to truly lead in a connecting rather than instructive way.
Learn how to genuinely inspire your team in a mutually beneficial way that strengthens your bond.
Learn effective strategies on how to be your employees’ biggest cheerleader, coaching them to improve themselves and expecting no benefit for your organization.
Learn how to leverage your mental muscles. Most of us are conditioned from childhood to rely on our sensory factors (REACTING to our environment). I will show you how to apply your intellectual factors (RESPONDING to your environment), flex your mental muscles by reverse engineering your mindset for success.
Learn how to harness your purpose, create a vision driven and aligned team.
Learn the simple but creative way to refer to your employees that instantly changes their attitude and empowers them.
Learn the simple but creative way to refer to your employees that instantly changes their attitude and empowers them.
This masterclass is offered once a month. Email if you want to be notified when the next masterclass opens up or schedule a complimentary consultation in our appointment calendar and we’ll get you set up. In the meantime, do check out our free Compassionate Leadership Masterclass resources below:

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