My Group Homes

Core Values

My Group Homes Core Values

Our overarching value—to promote positive
change for desired outcomes—is the heartbeat
of our compassionate service. We actively strive to
embody it every day.


We strive to breathe life into our partners’ and community members’ dreams in every interaction every day.


We believe in total accountability and practice extreme ownership of our decisions. Our thoughts direct our feelings, and our feelings direct our actions which produce the results we have. We take full and total responsibility for the results we have.

Passion 4 Compassion

We work exclusively with select partners who are on fire for delighting those we serve and help them find their ikigai (reason for being). This comes from a place of love, offering members a first-in-class experience and treatment.


Our continuous improvement framework is grounded in evidence-based research. We embrace the process along with a growth mindset and innovative thinking.

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